Transformation is Inevitable

Transformation is inevitable. Progression is a human evolutionary need that must be satisfied The question is… How much time will you waste stagnant from progression I have loved seeing everyone’s Decade Transformations, it’s so inspiring to see the progression… the growth… the light My favorite ones have been the ones accompanied with everything that has … Read more

The Mountains Are Home

No matter where my journey takes me in the World these mountains will always be home Cherished memories have been shared within these rocky peaks. Triumph and persistence through trekking it’s endless trails. Tears and fear running from rattlers slithering the pathways. Laughter and play tumbling off bareback on horseback into 6 ft of snow … Read more

Who should you help?

On a scale from A-Z what letter would you say your at within your industry❓ 👏 First letter that comes to mind!👏 Be honest with yourself and hold onto that letter!  So often we look at others in our industry and feel defeated… intimidated maybe? 🤷🏼‍♀️ Here’s the thing… comparing myself to someone like Gary … Read more