Who is Travis Brady?

Travis Brady Next Gen Coaching

This is the most amazing man that I have ever known. I don’t say that out of habit or because that’s what you’re supposed to say… The most often things people say to me about Travis is that they have never been so inspired than after their conversation with him… and that I have a … Read more

Do Men Make More Money Than Woman?

I CAN’T KEEP QUIET ANYMORE! 😡 it is time someone spoke up! Being a woman in business you get a lot of questions over the years…  “How has being a woman affected you in business?” 🧐 It has definitely given me the upper hand! Being a woman and embracing my femininity and natural ability to … Read more

Breaking New Records

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Why does it take decades for NEW ‘impossible’ records to be broken? Then only months-years after that for the same record to be broken? We open doors so others can walk through them The power of your mindset and what YOU internally believe (not just what you have been told a million times) but what … Read more

Being In An Influential Leader Position

Being in a leadership position is accompanied with a high level of influence. I see leaders hold themselves back from putting themselves out there… not posting, not speaking on stages, not sharing their wins or losses… so focused on what everyone else thinks about them.  The true definition of influence is NOT how you can … Read more