Next Gen Posting Guide

How much time are you spending on your social media content creation? How much have you invested in a team to create that content for you? MOST OF ALL! How are you GUARANTEEING that you are maximizing the ultimate amount of potential of exposure for each piece of content you are creating? To be able … Read more

Transformation is Inevitable

Transformation is inevitable. Progression is a human evolutionary need that must be satisfied The question is… How much time will you waste stagnant from progression I have loved seeing everyone’s Decade Transformations, it’s so inspiring to see the progression… the growth… the light My favorite ones have been the ones accompanied with everything that has … Read more

The Secret to Love

THE SECRET TO LOVE Our first date I tried to send Travis Brady running for the hills, by showing him ALL my darkness… I was scared. But unexpectedly, he responded with love & acceptance. More than I had ever experienced before. Although it felt great, it was a temporary external satisfaction. Then, I was given … Read more

The Mountains Are Home

No matter where my journey takes me in the World these mountains will always be home Cherished memories have been shared within these rocky peaks. Triumph and persistence through trekking it’s endless trails. Tears and fear running from rattlers slithering the pathways. Laughter and play tumbling off bareback on horseback into 6 ft of snow … Read more

Making Money in a Pandemic

So I got some mean messages from my last post.. “how dare I focus on businesses profiting when we should be focusing on helping people!” What I’m saying is you need to monetize events happening in the world. If a hot dog stand knows that there is a festival going on down the street they … Read more