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Trust me when I say I get it. I get what it feels like to be so full of knowledge and inspiration, yet being stuck with a limited audience when your soul is committed to helping the masses. The World needs more people like you. People willing to stand up as an influential leader in their industry to be able to influence the consumer and produce for the better to create an evolution in the industry.

In business it is no longer acceptable to just be “good” at your craft. To be able to create the “IIT” (Influence - Income - Time Freedom) lifestyle for yourself you must be extraordinary, and great at showing it too! That is why more than ever before social media is a key component of a successful business model. 

Utilizing social media as a tool to create an organic audience is the best and most cost effective way to market. Having a pretty number on the screen (big following) means nothing if you don’t convert that following into clients/customers for an ROI (return on investment). I know what you are thinking… “All about the money, huh?” .. NOPE, the money is actually the result of an even bigger mission and pursuit. To be able to influence your audience through one inspirational post or video, it is a disservice to only temporarily inspire them. The real magic is to be able to actually influence them by creating change with a lasting result, by investing in your product/services.

The possibilities and potential is endless when you learn how to not only create an extraordinary business but actually learn to effectively market to that audience and utilize social media as the ultimate tool of connection.

Top 4 Marketing Mistakes

With over 7 years in the industry here are the Marketing Mistakes I have seen…

# 1

Posting Inconsistently - Posting here and there no consistency or strategy in place. Mainly posting for “relevance” because that is what they are “supposed” to do. Not because they believe in it, have much knowledge of it or even want to be doing it.

Burnout, discouragement, disbelief, frustration and NO ROI 

# 2

Posting Aimlessly - Posting a LOT of either trends, something they saw somewhere else, or what they think will get the most engagement. Running gets you no closer to your goal, if it is in the wrong direction. Posting without a strategy can be sometimes more harmful then not posting at all, by possibly attracting the wrong client/customer and building up negative limiting beliefs due to the perception you have created for yourself through social media.

Attract wrong type of client/customer, resentment, burnout and little to NO ROI

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# 3

Unintentionally Spamming People - We have all received the spam messages in our inbox. What I have found is that most of these people are simply implementing a broken strategy learned from someone else who they aspire to be like. Unaware of the effects of not only not getting them results, but also causing sometimes irreversible  damage to relationships, personal brand and potential ideal clients/customers

Destruction, annoyance, burnout and little to NO ROI

# 4

Hiring Content Creator to Post - I have nothing against content creators. What I do have an issue with is the lack of accountability from ANY business owner of ANY industry to receive money from someone knowing that they don’t have the proper elements in place to be successful with your product/service and get desired results. The majority of the time people who hire content creators have failed doing strategies 1-3 of the Marketing Mistakes so they don’t know what to do besides hire a content creator, thinking they will be able to help market on social media effectively. There is a HUGE difference between a content creator and social media strategist. Content Creators are the ones posting for you, replying to comments, DMs, etc. Social Media Strategists will help you create and implement an overall personalized and authentic strategy to be able to know what content needs to be created to actually CONVERT!

Relevancy, lots of wasted $$, disbelief and little to NO ROI

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Have you fallen prey to one of these ineffective strategies?

If you have, don’t lose hope! Early in my career I did too. It wasn't until I hired a coach and learned how to utilize the magnificent tool of social media that I was able to drastically change my ways, rebuild my brand, build a 7-figure coaching business and an audience of over 85k across my platforms! And you can too!

If you have not, I am here to make sure you never have to! Through creating a personalized marketing strategy and organic following that actually converts into high paying clients/customers!

I am looking forward to assembling the Next Gen Team to help you be successful in creating a life for yourself where you experience more influence, income and time freedom.

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