Who should you help?

On a scale from A-Z what letter would you say your at within your industry❓ 👏 First letter that comes to mind!👏 Be honest with yourself and hold onto that letter!  So often we look at others in our industry and feel defeated… intimidated maybe? 🤷🏼‍♀️ Here’s the thing… comparing myself to someone like Gary … Read more

How to Avoid Spamming People with Messages

Let’s talk about being “SPAMMY”… I get asked ALL the time on how to most efficiently and effectively offer a product or service to add more value instead of it coming across as spam. 💥 Messages coming across as spam happens ALL the time! leaving people with a negative association with influencer marketing and affiliate … Read more

Controlling Your Social Media

Do you feel like every time you open up social media… it is one new disaster and negative post after the next? And it never seems to end? I have unfollowed and unfriended more people on my social media in the last few weeks, than the last 6 months combined… why? Because YOU CONTROL YOUR … Read more