What Business is Really All About…

It’s about SO much more now…

I started my first business Minky Muscles at 21 years old. Not married, no kiddos… just young and ready to run. 🔥

Building my first business back then versus our current business Next Gen …. so much has evolved. ⚡️

With becoming a wife and mom it’s not longer just about the “hustle.” Making an abundant income and providing a fun life for myself isn’t top priority anymore..

It’s about SO much more…

It’s about building a movement in society! Something that is bigger than just me. Something that will be passed down for generations to come… mine and @coachtravisbrady‘s Legacy. 💛

We have committed our lives to the Next Gen Movement. ⭐️

Next Gen is about being different, unique and innovative. Through branding, marketing, services and sales strategy, evolving your business to set yourself a part from everyone else in your industry. Eliminating all other competitors to create more influence, income and time freedom.

What are you building? A business? A Legacy? A Movement? 🤔

Something to just sustain your lifestyle? Or something that can be passed down for generations to come?👨‍👩‍👦‍👦

Trust me, it’s about so much more…✨

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