Transformation is Inevitable

Transformation is inevitable. Progression is a human evolutionary need that must be satisfied✨

The question is…

How much time will you waste stagnant from progression❓

I have loved seeing everyone’s Decade Transformations, it’s so inspiring to see the progression… the growth… the light🔆

My favorite ones have been the ones accompanied with everything that has transformed FOR them in their lives throughout that time. I love reading the successes and triumphs. ❤️

Everything from ten years ago has changed; name, hair, makeup, skin-tone (lol) occupation, relationship, demographic.. and most importantly my mind, body & soul! (Same love for horses tho.. that’s in the blood😉)

I may not recognize that girl on the left anymore as me. But I love her deeply and unconditionally. I appreciate and love every part of my journey that got me here today. ✨

That girl on the right tho… I built that Queen from the ground up! And couldn’t be prouder to the woman that I have become today. 👑

Love and appreciate your transformation through your last decade and especially this last year. ❤️

Entering 2020 in a state to become your best self and open to all the wonderful opportunities that life has to give you!

I’m putting together a life changing experience in Utah to completely transform your life starting into your 2020 year. Message me if you are ready for this year to be your best yet and want to be a part of it.🙌

In 2020, I will unveil more inner Queens & Kings than I ever have before. Helping facilitate transformation to change lives. 👑

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