What is Driving Your Actions?

There is a lot of uncertainty in the World today, when there is uncertainty it often leads to a lot of fear. I would be lying if I didn’t say my mind hasn’t wandered to thoughts that didn’t serve me. 😔

At this time, are you acting out of FEAR or LOVE?🤷‍♀️

Gun shops have been cleaned out, grocery stores, etc.

People FEAR there isn’t going to be enough. They FEAR for what could happen. 😳

Acting off of FEAR leads to scarcity, chaos, riots, hoarding and survival mode. 🤯

Acting off of LOVE leads to intuition, clarity, peace, discernment and thriving mode. 🥰

I have not allowed myself to be living out of FEAR of getting the virus, so now I’m finally taking care of my health & immune system and locking myself away in fear. 🚫

I have been acting out of LOVE for me and my baby this entire pregnancy, so I have invested $7.5k+ this pregnancy in my health, coaches and taking care of myself. ❤️

I have been sent hate messages and shamed for not acting out of fear of what could happen… are you allowing the fear to creep in and guide your thoughts & actions❓

Or are you acting out of love for you, your family, and the World? 🌎

I am passionate about Women Conceal Carry because I love me and my family. I am prepared and confident, not fearful.

What is driving YOUR actions❓

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