The Secret to Love


Our first date I tried to send Travis Brady running for the hills, by showing him ALL my darkness… I was scared.😞

But unexpectedly, he responded with love & acceptance. More than I had ever experienced before. Although it felt great, it was a

temporary external satisfaction.

Then, I was given the greatest gift in this World. The knowledge and tools to be able to accept my darkness and my light for myself. ❤️

No one can love you, if you don’t love yourself.

No matter how hard they try, you won’t believe them. 😞

You know you better than anyone else. So if you can’t love yourself, knowing you the best? How could anyone else?

“The only way out is all the way in.” –@jennydoesyoga

Looking at every part of yourself to find pure internal acceptance and love. 🥰

When you love yourself, you can allow others to love you.

That is my secret of my transformation from believing I was unlovable…

To being the best version of myself…loving and accepting me completely, and being in love with the man of my dreams ✨

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