Making Money in a Pandemic

So I got some mean messages from my last post.. “how dare I focus on businesses profiting when we should be focusing on helping people!” 🙄

What I’m saying is you need to monetize events happening in the world.

If a hot dog stand knows that there is a festival going on down the street they are going to monetize the event. They had no control over the event. However, they are going to jump on the opportunity. They are going to monetize it.

Don’t impose fear. Monetize what you believe in.

That response to my post is like saying life insurance people are bad because they sell something, that someone can benefit from someone else’s death. Or saying that mortuaries are bad for offering a nice funeral service after someone dies.

Monetize what you believe in HELP people.❤️ You can just be a follower and sit back and let things happen to you or you can make it happen and help others along the way.

This is not a setback. This is an opportunity of a step up, if you can see the opportunity and bring light in the face of dark. 💡

My business is 100% to serve and help people. Coaches are needed NOW more than ever before, especially in times of crisis.

Now, is the time that people need to stand up to create a positive influence in the World! Not when times are great, but when people need Coach’s and help the MOST! ✨

Profiting from the economy whether it is up or down is a CHOICE. Choosing to go with the economy, rather than against it and to help people grow through it and have a better business after should not be SHAMED. 🚫

No one is shaming the people that just so “happened” to be in the industry that sells toilet paper, or water etc. but God-Forbid you adapt to what people NEED. Adapting your business to one that can help people through times of crisis❗️

With all the negativity of people CHOOSING to take on a victim mentality, be the person that helps others focus on how to be positive and be a victor through all situations that happen FOR you, not TO you.

Don’t play into people’s scarcity mindsets to just SURVIVE this.. choose to fucking THRIVE through this. And if you don’t know how to do that, then I will see you online a week from today at the Online LIVE Coach’s Journey Event where you can learn how to do just that. 🌱

Spend your time online with a community who KNOW their purpose is bigger than the limiting beliefs of the World around them. 🌎

You get to choose right now, are you going to survive this? Or THRIVE through it? 🌱

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