It’s Lonely at the Top

It is lonely at the top.

I hear this said all the time… and I couldn’t DISAGREE more! 😡

First of all, I believe that the “top” is not a destination, but rather a continuous journey… 

We have had people steal from us, spread lies, leave horrible comments, send terrible messages, attempt to break up our marriage and even best friends take advantage of us… all of this while scaling our business to 7-figures. 🙁

Someone even attempted to take advantage of me and steal money from me 4 days after I had a c-section, while I was in the NICU with our son. 🥺

The journey is no doubt difficult.. lonely maybe in moments as individuals close to you are out of alignment and their true colors show. ☝️

But rest assured…

Naturally lions will ALWAYS rise above the sheep and I wouldn’t change my den of lions for anything in the World! 🦁

I have gotten to experience the deepest relationships that I have ever known within the Next Gen Team. Each of us with our individual businesses and purposes, aligning forces to create the Next Gen Team @be_nextgen dedicated to helping the World evolve and BE NEXT GEN! 🌍

It is such a gift to be surrounded by a powerhouse group of women all helping each rise to be their best selves, donating each of our individual expertise to each other to help the other succeed. 💕

Whether it is on stages speaking around the World together or at a girls night downtown… We’ve got each others back! I’m proud to call this lineup of women all my best friends! 💞

To scale to 7-figures requires a team in place. All aligned with similar purposes to create MASSIVE transformation in the World. 💥

Your journey to 7-figures doesn’t have to be lonely.. you just need to find the right team to be in your corner! ⚡️

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