Should You Go Into Business With Your Spouse?


That was one of the most common opinions expressed to me, about the decision I had made to go into business with my boyfriend at the time.. 😞

Followed up with…

“That is WAY too much time to spend together!”

“You need to keep your independence…and you will lose that if you combine your companies!”

“He is going to become controlling if you go into business together.”

“That’s a bad idea.”

It’s so fascinating to me that a ring or a piece of paper makes the same decision magically “right”?🤷🏼‍♀️

I don’t believe that. 

I believe in being the wife, before you are the wife! 💍

“Well, once we are married then I will starting helping him in business. Then I will be committed.” …. so many women have said this to me.

Too often I see people wait until they HAVE something before they decide how they will BE in the relationship, and who they want to BE. 🤯

That’s backwards. 

If you want to build an empire with your partner…

BE the King/Queen you want to be!

DO whatever it takes to reach your goals together!

HAVE the life you always dreamed of, beside the one you love most. 

Going ALL in on my relationship is the best decision I ever made…

Working long days together in the business and speaking on stage next to each other on the weekends.❤️

Traveling the World for work & play.🌎

Getting to SHARE huge opportunities and experiences together. 

Holding each other through the difficult times, and cheering each other on through the triumphs! ✨

Building this Empire and Business together.👑

Having a mutual love and respect for each other and the life we have built side by side.

Don’t hold back NOW on the relationship you hope to create for the future! 


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