Who should you help?

On a scale from A-Z what letter would you say your at within your industry❓

👏 First letter that comes to mind!👏

Be honest with yourself and hold onto that letter! 

So often we look at others in our industry and feel defeated… intimidated maybe? 🤷🏼‍♀️

Here’s the thing… comparing myself to someone like Gary Vee who is at letter “Z” could absolutely be discouraging, and make me feel “not enough” to coach people in the industry.

I would consider myself at a letter “Q”… I may not be able to help everyone up to letter “Z” but there is a whole lot of people who need me from letters “A-Q” 💫

Even if you are a letter “F” … we all start somewhere and there is still so many people you can help from “A-F”

Whatever letter you are, feel empowered to help others rise to your letter ⚡️

We all rising by working together 💪

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