Why Wouldn’t the World Revolve Around Me?

Why wouldn’t the World revolve around me? 🤔

I was born on Valentines Day as a little miracle baby only weighing 4 lbs. Growing up my favorite time of year was of course February (although it took me till I was 18 years old to figure out how to spell February right 😅)

One of my earliest memories was walking into Alberton’s with my mamma, it was the first of February and I got so excited when I looked up and saw the hearts, streamers and balloons all in red & pink. 💞❤️

I turned to my mamma and said, “Look mamma! They have started to decorate for my birthday.” Because logically why else would the World celebrate anything else on February 14th? 🤷‍♀️

A cherished memory held near and dear to my heart of my youth and believing the whole World revolved around me 😅🤪

Thanks Sascha Mi’lara  for capturing such a beautiful moment documenting me as a “Valentines Baby”. ❤️

May be a closeup of Minky Brady

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