How to Avoid Spamming People with Messages

Let’s talk about being “SPAMMY”…

I get asked ALL the time on how to most efficiently and effectively offer a product or service to add more value instead of it coming across as spam. 💥

Messages coming across as spam happens ALL the time! leaving people with a negative association with influencer marketing and affiliate programs. 🙄

🔑 Key things done wrong:

❌Every message is focused on being all about THEM and their company and what they want from ME. There was little to no value for me, besides to get a “great deal” on the product, and to sell me.

❌ Commenting on a story that I did personally endorsing a sponsored product. Trying to entice me to BUY their product, disregarding my sponsorship and integrity completely.

❌ Sending MULTIPLE messages without a response. Don’t do that. When someone doesn’t respond to 2 messages, they are probably not interested. 

❌ Bypassing any connection or rapport before blasting my DM’s with a sales script.

These are SOME of the things you want to avoid to not create a bad name for you, your brand and business. As well as correctly implementing your affiliate/Influencer program to ACTUALLY convert sales without spamming people. 

If you are looking to CORRECTLY implement an Influencer or affiliate program then message me! 🙌

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