How Do You Run a Business With Your Spouse

How do you run a business with your spouse? What do you guys do for fun?

We get asked these questions all the time! 😁

People say… NEVER do business with your family or friends.. So who do you do business with?🤔 Your enemies?! Ha

Does going into business with your spouse have some challenges? Absolutely! But in my opinion, the benefits far out-weight the challenges (which are just opportunities to grow anyways! 😉)

It’s a privilege to change people’s lives everyday, alongside my best friend while building our empire! I couldn’t imagine a better way to spend fulfilling my purpose in this World. ✨

So we got the business part down, what do we do for fun?🤗

Whether it is 2 am looking over the rainforest in Costa Rica, or in our kitchen after a long day in the business…

We dance! 🤩

In our relationship, dancing is the thing for us that we truly get to be in that moment.

Getting to fully embrace my femininity and let go, allowing my amazing man to twirl me, catch me & hold me. 💛

Reminding us that the most important thing we have in this World is love.

I hope you dance 🎶

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