Why Should You Compete in a Pageant?

It was such a privilege to hold the title of Mrs. Salt Lake County and to be in the running for Mrs. America👑

Yes the dresses are beautiful, the sash is fun and all things pageant are right up my alley…

But most of all though… the biggest privilege through holding this title is the opportunity to represent, raise money and help our youth through our foundation.🙏

Our foundation is the “To: The Next Generation Foundation” which is dedicated to providing financial aid to adolescents who can’t afford extra curricular activities.🏀🏈⚽️⚾️

In Utah, the 2020 statistics are that between the ages of 10-25 you are more likely to die by suicide than any other cause. This statistic took me hours of research to track down… HOURS! 🤯

Why is this topic NOT IN THE HEADLINES and the topic of conversation that people are having?! 

The true pandemic is within our youth. It is an honor and privilege to help youth with the opportunity to be a part of a team, community, develop their self worth, their talents, etc.

Money and hardships should not be the reason that some of our youth decide to leave this World. 🙏❤️

Even if giving just one kid the opportunity to participate and afford extracurriculars that wouldn’t have gotten to otherwise… saved that kid’s life.


Please join me in helping fight this pandemic!❤️

If you want to donate or you know someone that is need of help through our foundation please nominate them at ⏩ ToTheNextGen.com

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