Does it offend you when someone spells your name wrong?

Does it ever offend you when someone pronounces or spells your name wrong? Or call you a completely different name entirely?🤷‍♀️

What about when someone refers to you as your inferior title instead or your current earned position❓

Throughout my life, my name has been changed 3 times and my coaching title twice. 😱

“You will always be little Maddy to me”… “I will always remember you as that newbie personal trainer at Gold’s Gym” 😕

What are they really saying?

That change is uncomfortable… and people can usually only comprehend massive amounts of progression and change, when they see it in themselves and they too are progressing in their life. ☝️

Although, I don’t even resonate with the name Maddy anymore, I love and respect my journey with her. But I have evolved and progressed in to the best version of myself yet. 🤩👑

I don’t get offended when people neglect or even boldly refuse to call me Minky.

Not saying people are perfect, and that habits don’t come into a factor. But I have continuously observed the same trend that has occurred over and over again— with any identity shift in mine and my clients lives. ✨

When I evolved in my coaching from personal training— to transformation coaching— to the influencer coaching that I do now (all great amazing progressions within my career and purpose). People to this day still call me a personal trainer! Hah 🤣

Know your identity and exactly who you are. If people fail to acknowledge or accept your progressions, it shouldn’t affect you and your purpose in this World 🌎

What matters is the relationship you have with yourself, and how you view yourself.❤️

Change takes time, within time people will accept your new identity.. and some may not.

Have you always been accepting of the people in your life’s new identities? We need to be willing to accept other people’s identities. ⭐️

When we are accepting of others, we are accepting change and progression and it’s entirety. ✨

With each change and massive amount of progression. Embrace new identities that serve you. And remember the World Needs You. 🌍

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