Have you lost your identity in your marriage?

Have you lost your identity in your marriage?

But, know that you are meant for so much more in life and business?

I’ve been avoiding this question…

Since tying the knot I’ve had this question asked constantly… and shamelessly I’ve been  avoiding answering or even open to a discussion to talk about it.

“Are you changing your name?”🤷‍♀️

I hadn’t processed or come to terms with how I felt about it. Opinions were boldly stated regardless.

“Why would you even consider not changing it?”

“Don’t change your name, you will lose your Minky branding”

“If you take Travis’s last name you are losing yourself and just going to be seen as his wife”

“I definitely wouldn’t.”

After a few months of deep pondering and putting in the work, I am finally at peace with my decision.

Maddy Mink was a name I had chosen after my divorce and being severed from my family. It was a proclamation claiming myself to start a new life and a new me.

I chose the last name Mink because of the sacred meaning behind it.

Mink (miNGK): Requiring rich environments to thrive, wisdom, complexity, being drawn to complex concepts and philosophies, being desirable for what you produce, willing to go to deep painful places for wisdom, connections to telepathy and mind-to-body spiritual contact, underestimated intelligence.

It spoke to my soul for the things I wanted to emulate in this new identity I was stepping into.

I am proud of my journey the last 3 years, and proud of the woman I have become.

I’ve built my brand around my name. I take pride in that. But I also believe that as strong and powerful we can be standing alone, that together we are unstoppable.

Since we got married we have completely combined businesses towards fulfilling our individual and common purposes on this earth. All of our coaching programs have now been together as a team, undeniably seeing the power of the transformation we can provide for our clients as we both give our talents and love. And more big changes in the works! (**stay tuned… it’s going be unlike any other couple you have seen in business)

Wouldn’t you want it all too?

You can have it all.

I am an anti-feminist feminist. I love women empowerment! But not when you step on or degrade men to get it. We were meant to work together and rise as one. Creating the ultimate harmony of masculinity & femininity to create a massive impact on this World.

I am a Queen… wife… business woman… coach… speaker… mom… and I am proud of it ALL! ❤️

Because of this I have been inspired to change my name to…

Minky Brady.

Hi I am Minky Brady 👋 It’s nice to meet you.

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