5 Things They DON’T Tell You About Being Pregnant for the 1st Time

5 things they DON’T tell you about being pregnant for the 1st time:

1. Don’t pack up your pre-maternity clothes too fast! 🤚 I packed up all the clothes at week 6, thinking I was no longer “supposed” to fit in them because I was now pregnant haha (I still fit in a lot of my same clothes passed 35 weeks)

2. Stretch marks are likely to appear or continue on where previous marks were before 🐯 and if you had a belly button piercing (even one that is healed) it’s likely to develop its own mark from weakened skin where the piercing ones

3. Everyone talks about eating for 2, what they don’t talk about is drinking for 2 🥵 Water being chugged by the gallons over here

4. Body shaming & comparing is taken to a whole other level when it comes to bump size per week🤰I’ve been called long waisted, short waisted, “unrealistic” expectations, big bump, small bump, tiny, huge…you name it!

5. Sun is out, bump is out ☀️ I have loved wearing outfits showing my tanned baby bump (thank you @mckennasbeautybar) … a tanned belly can take you from hillbilly to prego model real quick 😂

What did I miss? I would LOVE to hear what you wish you would have known before your first pregnancy? 👇 (comment below)

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