Creating the It Life

Everyone talks about having it all.. that “ITT” life!

What they are really saying they want is to have:

I – Influence

I – Income

T – Time Freedom

Life is not about having all of these perfectly balanced at all times… what it’s about is constantly balancing them and giving to each when is needed.

Today consists of speaking at our event from 9 am – 7 pm, going to a pageant luncheon at 12 pm in between, and ending the day with a team after party and snuggles with my little Tatum & hubby.

Everyone wants to have the life like the 1%… yet the majority aren’t willing to do what it takes to be the 1%! 🤯

Busy… YES! Perfectly balanced… NOPE! Yet it is still my “ITT” life! And none of it would be possible without an amazing team in place behind the scenes to make it happen. 🙏

Which area of your life do you need to level up to create that “ITT” life for yourself? And who do you need on your team to make that happen?✨

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