Speaking Opportunities for the Elite Business Owners

It’s easy to show the success.. but what people don’t admit is we all struggle with thoughts while getting there.. 💔

Along the journey of building a successful business the truth is.. we have all felt these ways and if you haven’t yet… trust me you will.

🔹ALONE: Your friend group continues to get smaller and smaller. Knowing it’s for the best for your growth, but still mourning the loss of friendships that no longer served you within your life.

🔹FRAUD: Who am I to help people? Who am I to lead? I’m not good enough. I don’t know enough. With all the purest intentions, somehow someone still got offended and some is upset. Maybe that hater on social media was right.

🔹DEFEATED: Should I just quit and go work a 9-5 job with a guaranteed salary? Not having to hold the weight of not only my own income but the income of the team below me.

🔹UNBALANCED: Whether it be family or business life, one always seems to not be getting the attention it deserves and that I truly want to give it.

🔹BEHIND: There is always more that needs to be done, more social media platforms to build a presence on, more systems to build, more actions you know you need to take… without enough time in the day.

Business is CHALLENGING! And as much as I wish for everyone to create more influence, income and time freedom in their life by creating a purposeful and fulfilling business… not everyone is willing to experience these feelings and confront their demons and limiting beliefs to be able to experience these things in their lives.

For the ones who continue to change the World regardless of how hard it is… you are my kind of people! And I would love to help my fellow business owners along their business journeys!

We have 10 events annually! Go to the homepage of CoachMinky.com for the list of events for the rest of the year!

If you constantly are striving to help more people, I want YOU speaking on my stage sharing your purpose and message with my audience! Giving full access to my high-level networks and audience. We help people a lot… but not with everything. We want to invite the hidden gems to come speak on our stage! Speakers of ALL service based industries (finance, fitness, real estate, coaching, etc.) and ALL experience levels.💥

I have a few available speaking spots left at each event, apply on each event’s website of the event YOU deserve to speak at. And I will send you the application to hop on a quick call and see if it’s a good fit! 🙌

If you aren’t a good fit… who do you know that is? Who would YOU love to hear speak? Tag them so I can invite them to come onto my stage!

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