Who is Travis Brady?

This is the most amazing man that I have ever known. I don’t say that out of habit or because that’s what you’re supposed to say…

The most often things people say to me about Travis is that they have never been so inspired than after their conversation with him… and that I have a hot husband 😆

But when I look at this man… I see a heart of pure gold 💛

A heart that doesn’t just want to win the championship for himself, but to help everyone win the championship as a team. 🏆

A heart that takes the time to call numerous people in his life to announce the coming of our baby boy, not just settling for a text or a Facebook post. 🍼

A heart that has dedicated our home to be a place that everyone feels like they are welcome to be their full-authentic self, donating our home every weekend as a place to bring people together to connect.✨

A heart that has been holding all the weight on his shoulders putting in 15+ hour days for 5 months while taking care of his extremely sick pregnant wife in bed, not complaining once. Whether I needed something at 2 pm in the afternoon or 2 am in the morning. No complaints, just patience and love. 🙏

If you are wondering just who Travis Brady is behind closed doors. He is the same man on stage and in his own videos— as he is laying on our couch. My best friend, my greatest coach, hubby and little Tatum’s daddy.

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