You are Your First Line of Defense

I got a few interesting direct messages about this…

That I need to be careful of tagging the location of some of the gyms I lift at or places in Utah that I go.… because someone with bad intentions might be able to come find me.

My thoughts… if you’re going to come looking for me, you should know that I don’t call 911… so there won’t be anyone to save YOU!

Whether I am working, shopping or driving… you better believe that I am concealing.

I don’t conceal carry as a “fashion” statement. Or to look for scenarios to be the superhero.. I conceal carry to always be given the option to defend myself and/or others.

A common misconception is that if you commit to conceal carry or have a gun on you that you HAVE to save everyone and be the hero.

It is your right to make the choice of what is best for you and your life. Any conceal carry course will tell you the same thing.

Do what you are comfortable with and eliminate the fear of vulnerability! Don’t let the misconceptions of concealed carrying prevent you from protecting yourself.

Feeling vulnerable and scared is NEVER an option.

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