Why does pregnancy have to be so hard?

Why does pregnancy have to be so hard? 😢

I have asked this question to God, my hubby, and my coach nearly everyday for the last 5 months. 😔

Until I got my answer…

2 AM as my sweet hubby held me in his arms, while I cried and cried. Crying out in pain, exhaustion, discouragement and weakness… followed up by me asking him the same question again❔

His response this time: “Why Minky is pregnancy so hard?”

The question I had been searching solely externally, that could only be answered internally.✨

His response pierced my heart, as the undeniable answer came flooding in.  🌊

I cried harder.. but these tears were different. These were tears of relief. Relief of unveiling my truth.😭

Pregnancy is so hard… because there is no transformation without sacrifice. 💡

God knew what an amazing influential mother I had the potential of becoming. Requiring more sacrifice and humility to become her. 👑

Every transformation in your life requires some form of sacrifice.

The greater the sacrifice, the greater the transformation. What are you willing to sacrifice to become the best version of yourself yet?✨

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