What Fairytales Are Made Of

Although a perfect Maui sunset across the beautiful sun kissed sands… swept off my feet by “Mr. Tall Dark and Handsome”. This is not what real fairytales are made of. 🏰

Living in a fairytale means all the time. Not just in the perfect destination with the perfecting time.

But on a Monday morning ☀️

Waking up to sunshine peeking through the blinds, puppy kisses and my King asleep on the pillow next to mine. 💕

Even with a long day ahead of us and not much time to spend together or with the boys, building our kingdom, sharing our message with the World… and fulfilling our purpose. 🌎

This is a real fairytale. Finding peace, love and light within your daily life. No matter what the day looks like. Creating a paradise within the walls of where you call home. 🏠

We are nowhere close to perfect. But we start every morning and end every evening with a prayer. Grateful for where we are at, where we have been and what is ahead. 🙏

No matter what disagreements happened in business, in the family or anything else that might dim the light. 💡

Trials are inevitable. It’s not about if there will be disagreements, but how long we allow them to last and steal the light from our home.

All it takes is 1 person. 1 person to choose light and love, and that although perfectly imperfect… that home is the real fairytale and a priceless paradise. ✨

Choose light and choose love, no matter where you are at. Creating a fairytale life with a home that shines brighter than the sun kissed sands, with more peace than the ocean waves, with more love than a lovers beach. ☀️

Your life can be a fairytale, it starts with you deciding that. 🏰

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