Do you feel like you missed out on doing something you truly loved?

Do you feel like you missed out on doing something you truly loved? ❤️

That you couldn’t make the income you needed…so you chose a different path?

Ever since I was little I have LOVED all animals! After graduating high school I was planning to move to Moorpark, CA to go to school for two years to study to be a zoologist… that’s the level we are talking about here! 🦓🐎🦙🦒🦍🐆🦏🐅🦘

The program was intensive working 365 days a year for upto 10 hours+ in the zoo everyday. There were no sick days or holidays and no going home to Utah. I was still all for it, until I found out the TOP zoologist at the San Diego zoo doesn’t even clear six-figures. 😔 For the cost of the program it would have taken SO many years to be able to pay off my student debts, and make an income while making an impact. 💰

I followed my other passion which was personal training and did that for almost 7 years. Which led me to Influencer Coaching. ✨

The most beautiful part about life is it’s possible to have it ALL. And no I’m not just talking about money, I’m talking about being able to live and enjoy all of your passions while making an impact & income!🙌

With life’s circumstances I wasn’t able to keep a horse, but guess what! I have had some of the most life changing experiences on the back of a horse this year! We got flown out to Costa Rica to speak at a high level retreat and every morning I got the opportunity to teach someone how to ride, or ride bareback through the jungle (just me and the horse 😍) In addition, I also have an amazing friend & client Michelle Rider who has horses and let’s me enjoy my passion for horses with her!🐎

This video was taken on the most recent cruise that we took all of our clients on for one of our programs. Swimming with stingrays.. such an amazing opportunity! (One I wouldn’t have gotten as a zoologist 😉)

**SIDE NOTE TANGENT: the stingrays told me I was pregnant on this experience before I even knew. I had never been in the water with stingrays. But I was fearless, I was the first in the water and they all swam up to me. With no hesitation I was the first to hold and be kissing them within minutes of getting in. The tour guide was SHOCKED. They rarely see comfortability so quickly between the stingrays and people. I remember them asking multiple times if I was pregnant. Because of animals’ ability to be so in tune with energy.

And of course I get to snuggle up with two big hounds every night! 🐾

If you chase more than 1 rabbit you will catch none. But it doesn’t mean you can’t catch that second, third or fourth rabbit later! 🐇

Don’t give up on your passions, there is always a way to make it all come true. Just follow your heart 💕

Next up… an African Safari! What do you think of Travis Brady?😁

Show me all sides of you! ✨ What are some of your passions that are different from what you currently do in your profession?

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