Do you know what you don’t know?

Do you know what you don’t know?

Sounds weird to think…

Are you stuck on questions deep in your soul? What to do next in your business? What changes need to be made in your home? Anything really.

Guess who knows the answer… I will give you a hint. They look a whole lot like you, but yet different.

Have you ever been introduced to your highest being? If you haven’t, it is my pleasure to do so now.

This version of yourself knows you better than anyone else. Seeing everything in your past, present and future. A being who has already accomplished your biggest dreams and goals. Guiding you on your journey, by what is known as intuition.

Years ago, the first time I went through a powerful process with one of my coaches where I got to invite my highest being into the room was an experience that would change my life.

No drugs or substances to create the magnitude of everlasting results. Just having an amazing coach willing to hold the space and guide me to look into my soul deeper than I ever had. In the form of a conversation… with me and my highest being.

The first thing my highest being said to me was “Stop pushing him away. Travis & Max aren’t too good to be true. They are a gift. And you are squandering it.”

My soul was shaking. This was only 2 months after meeting Travis and on the outside you would not have known there was a war internally, ready to run at any moment. Looking for evidence supports my belief that this was too good to be true.

Because of Coach’s and investing in myself. I was able to change all the cycles in my life and create new ones. Ones that served me and changed the trajectory of my whole life. Barely able to clear $26k a year-to starting a 6-figure business, restoring my entire gut-health-reversing major allergies, and after being previously divorced-soon to become a mom with the man of my dreams by my side.

How many times have you been prompted to get help? But either don’t know where to look or ignore it. OR to attend an event you saw posted? But downplay your value and make excuses. OR even something as simple as going to the gym? But you choose to press the snooze button and push your health off another month.

Your highest being is inside of you. Not to always have all the answers, but to be able guide you to the people on this Earth who are willing and able to help you. To take that next step and continuously move forward.

We are meant to rise together. Be Inspired. Be Strong. The World Needs You.

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