Do you ever feel like you don’t deserve to be wearing a crown?

Do you ever feel like you don’t deserve to be wearing your crown? 👑

I’ve always said “getting to be a mom is like winning the lottery for me, it’s the fairytale dream I have always wanted.” 🦄

And that time is finally here!

This pregnancy has been everything short of easy. A few days after finding out the great news, I started hemorrhaging and we ended up in the ER with a 50% chance of losing our baby (till about a week ago, baby is healthy & there aren’t complications now) My work hours got cut drastically due to morning (all day) sickness and exhaustion. My whole life seemed to be tossed upside down.

Wasn’t posting or doing videos, able to stomach standing long enough to get ready for the day, projects were piling up. I hadn’t been to the gym in almost a month. It was A LOT on my soul. 💛

There is a valuable lesson to learn through any hardship in your life. There can be NO transformation without sacrifice.

The bigger the transformation, the bigger the sacrifice. Whether it’s physical appearance, time, energy, financially etc.

If you have ever felt like you go through life’s experiences… that you don’t have it all together and deserve to wear your crown… 😔

Whether it’s transforming into a mom, a wife,boss babe or just a better version of YOU! Beauty is just around the corner. And there is a diamond in the rough for you! 💎

Through all the experiences you go through in life…

Keep your chin up! And wear your transformations as jewels on your crown! 👑

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