Balancing a Business and Personal Life

Where are YOU needed most right now?

Originally, I had planned on temporarily shifting to part time when I had my first son Tatum. Life has a funny way of not going as planned… haha This sweet little angel surprised us by joining our little family over a month early. 😱

With 3 weeks in the NICU, and being sent home at 4lbs … this little man needed his mamma full time. ❀️

Thankfully, I have my amazing husband who was able to take over our businesses & clients, while I have been caring for our son.πŸ™

Where are YOU needed most in your business? Within your family?

What does your business need you to do? What does your family need you to do?

Where you are needed most will constantly be shifting. 

Currently, I am needed most by the people surrounding me to help them create massive influence & income within their marketing. ✨

My purpose in this World is to help people unveil their influence. Rising up as Next Gen leaders in their lives and businesses.

Dedicating my life and career to serving and helping others. πŸ’₯

How can I serve YOU? And help you within your influence and marketing?

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