Does My Child Feel Loved?

Loving your child isn’t enough. 🙁 I said what I said and it needed to be said. My son is only 8 months old, I am in NO way an expert on parenting or motherhood. Nor will I ever claim to be. ☝️ For the majority of my life I believed I was “unlovable” especially … Read more

Have you lost your identity in your marriage?

Have you lost your identity in your marriage? But, know that you are meant for so much more in life and business? I’ve been avoiding this question… Since tying the knot I’ve had this question asked constantly… and shamelessly I’ve been  avoiding answering or even open to a discussion to talk about it. “Are you … Read more

Elephant Nursery Theme

elephant design nursery

We carefully chose an elephant for Tatum’s nursery for the symbolism of an animal with such amazing qualities that we wanted our son to emulate. The most universal symbolic meaning of an elephant is  strength and power. This meaning refers to both the body & mind. The elephant is also seen as a sort of … Read more

Who is Travis Brady?

Travis Brady Next Gen Coaching

This is the most amazing man that I have ever known. I don’t say that out of habit or because that’s what you’re supposed to say… The most often things people say to me about Travis is that they have never been so inspired than after their conversation with him… and that I have a … Read more