Win-Wins Are Selfish

“Win-Win’s” are SELFISH! 🙄

Whether it’s a client, collaboration, sponsorship or even friendship! I do NOT believe that a win-win situation is enough.

Only a “WIN-WIN-WIN” is acceptable! 🙌

Whatever the arrangement may be it should NOT just be a win for you and the person or business… it needs to be a win for the World as well! 🌎

Asking yourself these 3 key questions:

Does it serve them?

Does it serve me?

Does it serve the World?!


Getting a Botox injection treatment from the lovely Kayla Papez . Is it a WIN-WIN-WIN? ABSOLUTELY! 💕

THEM: They are fantastic at their craft at what they do, they are receiving exposure, a loyal client and referrals!

ME: I gain more confidence in my appearance, am more comfortable expressing myself, get to refer followers/friends to someone I trust and most importantly I smile more-shining my light on this World!

WORLD: Getting a personal referral to someone that they can trust, role model of acceptance and love for anyone that has been considering it and helping more women rise to be look and be exactly who they want to be!

I invite you to take an oath to be Next Gen and step into a new level of creating WIN-WIN-WIN situations! 🙌

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