How much time will you waste stagnant from Progression

- Are you a brand new business owner who is just starting out? And all of a sudden you’ve realized that there is so much more that comes into play when things reach the marketing and social media aspect?

- Or have you been around the block a few times and have a lot of the business components figured out and working like a clock, however this whole “Social Media” and marketing through social media has been a struggle to figure out and strategize?

- Even if you have been implementing a lot of recommended strategies, you most likely still have an untapped pool of organic options of incredible size that you can reach in order to scale and grow.

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Influential  Leaders

Influential Leaders across all industries looking to grow their level of influence to help more people


Professional   Athletes

Professional Athletes looking to build their personal brand and audience in synergy with their athletic career to help them signing bigger teams and sponsorships


Public  Figures

Public Figures looking to grow their audience to be able to make a bigger difference in their community through their influence


Business  Owners

Business Owners in service based industries looking to create more influence, income and time freedom through their business

about Minky brady

Minky Brady is a Marketing Expert and Social Media Strategist. Her purpose is to help individuals Unveil Their Influence and to rise up as Next Gen influential leaders in their lives and businesses to create more income, influence and time freedom.

She is a well-known International Speaker and has studied and mastered the art of becoming an influential leader within your industry...focusing on key areas of marketing, joint ventures, collaborations, sponsorships, and ALL things social media!

Minky is building her empire alongside her husband, Coach Travis Brady, as the owners of Next Gen Coaching, Next Gen Marketing Workshop, Next Gen Branding & Business Workshop, The Strengthen Your World Leadership Experience and Next Gen Business Summit. They have built the Next Gen Team, consisting of 10 people coming together to help people in the 4 key areas of their business: branding, marketing, sales, and services/programs.

Minky is a mommy to her little man Tatum John Brady. Tatum was born prematurely at 3lbs 13oz and spent the first month of his life in the NICU. Now, he is doing well overcoming all health concerns and mamma’s strong and happy little buddy. 

She is known as the local public figure for Women Conceal Carry, representing and defending her passion for her second amendment rights. Minky has taken a public stance, being featured on various platforms including ABC4, CBS and Fox13!

Minky offers exclusive coaching with carefully selected business owners, influential leaders, public figures and professional athletes aspiring to be Next Gen. These selected public figures are ready to share their message with the World, creating a lifetime of abundance, while experiencing more influence, income and time freedom.